Goblet Plot 20, 9th Ward. All are welcome! Please don’t feed the Tonberries!

Tonberry Cove – Casual Gaming At It’s finest!

Tonberry Cove is a small established Free Company that is looking to recruit all jobs, levels, crafters, and players of all types! We are always open and accepting new applications. We are slowly growing and look to be very focused on community, friends, family and reaching our goals in the game to achieve and see the content we want to play.

We are focused and catered to casual games that want to see the game at their own pace with out all the pressures and fuss. Many of us have real life commitments and other real life activities that come before the game. That’s not to say we don’t see content, we just do it at our own pace. Along with seeing content we run many events in game in our Guilded from hide and seek, FC Community Nights, giveaways, Movie Nights and much more!

Many of the players we group and run with are streamers, content Creators. From streamers on multiple platforms, YouTubers, podcasters and more! If you make any content, feel free to reach out to some of us and collaborate to make content.

Apply in-game through the searching for the FCs, on our recruitment site (https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/community_finder/d35fc782c91557ef474731e7e223ea2baf358ae9/), in the party finder or apply in game!

For a more quick response message me on Guided for more information. My Guilded name is Ryven. All welcome to join our Guided Server (Tonberry Cove Guilded Server) and let us know you are looking to join the FC. Looking forward to meeting all of you, growing a fun family based community and making some awesome memories!