Goblet Plot 20, 9th Ward. All are welcome! Please don’t feed the Tonberries!

Tonberry Cove – Casual Gaming At It’s finest!

Tonberry Cove is Casual Gaming at it’s finest! We are a Free Company that is all about experiencing end-game content, without the commitment of a Hardcore raiding guild. Tonberry Cove is made up entirely of 20+ year olds, with jobs, families, and RL commitments.

That’s not to say that we don’t raid! We enjoy end-game content as much as other guilds. We just prefer to experience it on our own terms.

We are prepping for our weekly raids into Endwalker and plan to tackle Savage, Ex, Ultimate, & 24-Person Content.

It’s exciting times in Tonberry Cove!

If you are interested in our Free Company, please post in the Recruitment Forums in our Guilded or apply in game to our FC. We are actively recruiting all jobs and players, Sprouts to Veteran.

We are recruiting more for our Static Raid Groups. We currently have enough for one group and looking to recruit more to have a rotation of members and be able to run two groups for our raid/trial nights. We are looking to raid once a week, running 2 groups of 8 and in house alliance raid content. While we are casual, we do take our raids a little serious, come prepped with food, pots, and don’t stand in the poo. We are all putting our time into this and want this to be as enjoyable for everyone.

Communication Out Of Game:
Our FC is using Guilded, Discord’s competitor, the calendars, questionnaire and scheduling features are amazing. They are really helping us put together our groups and get groups going even when not in game. If you are interested in checking us out on before joining in game or just to chat, Join The Tonberry Cove Guilded!